“Use the guides and the maps to lead you to Santiago; use the lessons learned on the camino to find your way”

Pamplona is the first capital on the Pilgrims’ Way to Santiago for pilgrims taking the Roncesvalles route. Founded by the Romans, Pamplona is now a modern and welcoming city with a wide range of activities.

Following the Santiago Way is a genuine life experience, which is why there is no one way of doing it. Some people decide to follow it by bike, other on horseback, some in the comfort of a car, and many choose the traditional way: on foot. Each and every one of them is just as moving, and they all offer the opportunity to discover the natural and cultural richness of the Santiago Way along its journey through Navarre. You choose where to start and finish each day, depending on your level of fitness or the time you have.

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The atmosphere in the Historical Centre of Pamplona will surprise you, and you can ask for classic or recently invented pinchos in many of its bars, which are also well known for serving excellent Navarrese wines, cider and traditional beers. In the restaurants in Pamplona, and indeed across the hole of Navarre, you will find menus that include fresh vegetables, vegetable stews, asparagus, or a very typical and healthy delicacy in the Pamplona Basin: relleno, black pudding made with egg, cooked rice and other ingredients instead of blood. The most typical liquor is patxaran, which can be found in the entire province.

Pintxos (Tapas) in Pamplona

“Perhaps travel cannot prevent bigotry, but by demonstrating that all peoples cry, laugh, eat, worry and die, it can introduce the idea that if we try and understand each other, we may even become friends”

We would like to invite all pilgrims happen to be in Pamplona on Wednesday, to join our English Conversation club. We are a group of people of all ages learning English. We think meeting up with pilgrims could be an interesting activity for both, we can practice English and pilgrims can know locals and know a bit more of our culture in their way to Santiago. You will experience the real camino with local people.

The Santiago Way in Pamplona and the place where we meet up

We meet every Wednesday at BASOKO TABERNA in the in the Historical Centre of Pamplona (not during the summer!), starting at 7pm, close to the Way and the main albergues in calle San Nicolás 13.

Basoko Taberna calle San Nicolás 13 Pamplona

“Don’t come to the Camino looking for answers. Instead, come with an open heart and you may be surprised by what you find.”

Local people speaking English at Basoko Taberna («Pamplona habla inglés» English conversation club)

“In every walk with the nature one receives more than he seeks”

Pilgrims from USA, Canada, South Korea, Germany and Italy visiting the city with us after a meeting

“It is your road, and yours alone. Others may walk with you, but no one can walk it for you”

Local people speaking English at Basoko Taberna (Pamplona habla inglés English conversation club)

“Walk slow, don’t rush. That place you have to reach is yourself”

If you need more info about Camino de Santiago in Navarra, please visit the local government site about the Way:


For more info about our English conversation club don´t hesitate to contact us at pamplonahablaingles[at]yahoo[dot]es

@pamplonahi on Twitter

www.facebook.com/pamplonahi on Facebook

Thank you very much and ¡buen camino!

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